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Top Subjects Which I Love To Research.

Spirituality: Spirituality is a vast concept that encompasses numerous perspectives. Each individual obtains unique answers based on their personal experiences.

Astrology: Some describe astrology as the study of the relationship between celestial bodies and earthly events. I am currently on a journey to discover my own understanding of it.

Occult Science: Occult Science word meaning says it is satisfying and complete science which reveals the divine plan and meaning of life and death.

Oneirology & Hypnosis: It is the scientific exploration of dreams, seeking to understand their origins and meanings. Since my childhood, I have pondered the source of these dreams that arise during sleep. I am driven to uncover answers that go beyond surface-level understanding.

Necromancy: The term "Necromancy" refers to the practice of communicating with the deceased, often with the intention of gaining insights into the future. I find great enjoyment in researching this intriguing subject within the realm of science fiction.

Paranormal Activity: Paranormal events encompass a wide range of phenomena, including references to demons, fallen angels, ghosts, and haunting occurrences as depicted in popular culture, folklore, and various non-scientific sources.